The Emergency Bandage (4") Green packaging **Expired**
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The Emergency Bandage is the combat proven bandage of choice for U.S. and international military units. This life-saving bandage is the ideal solution for emergency treatment when every second counts. It is an innovative device that staunches blood flow for hemorrhagic wounds in emergency situations.


These are unopened, but they have passed their expiration dates, are within a few months of expiring or have bad packaging.


All medical products must have an expiration date. There are very few items that go "Bad" once expired (to the best of my knowledge, nothing I sell does). Once medical items expire they should not be used for "official use", so if you work in EMS/Law Enforcement, you should only use expired items for training due to liability issues. Once expired, there is no longer any warrantee expressed or implied, so these are sold as is and returns are not accepted...

  • Item #: FCP-01-EXP
  • Condition: Used

The Emergency Bandage (4") Green packaging **Expired**

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