Talon II Litter (used)
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NSN#: 6530-01-504-9051

One of most compact & versatile litters on the market, allows casualty transport in restricted compartments. By extending the ergonomically designed handles, the Talon® becomes a standard NATO-compatible evacuation platform. Already the U.S. Marine Corps official battlefield litter, the Talon®  is today’s ultimate TACEVAC solution.

Special Features:

  1. Certified Safe-to-Fly U.S. Army Rotary Wing
  2. Ergonomically designed handles
  3. Automatic locking hinges
  4. Slip-resistant, chemical-resistant ripstop fabric tested & approved by Federal & private labs using live warfare agents
  5. 6 IV-attachment points
  6. 2 patient-securing straps
  7. U.S. Patents 6,842,923 & 5,598,592, Patent(s) Pending


  1. Open with handles extended: L 90 in. x W 22.5 in. x D 6 in.
  2. Weight: 16 lb 6 oz (7.4 kg)
  3. Payload: 1200 lb (544.3 kg)
  4. Ground Clearance: 1.5 in.


May show wear from being carried in a truck or assebled for demonstrations/training. Depending on inventory, these may be the older fixed handle versions or the newer colapsing handle version.

  • Item #: NAR-Litter-used
  • Condition: Used

Talon II Litter (used)

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