T&T Pouch
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The Condor T & T pouch is a low profile, versatile, utility pouch for all your tools, such as allen wrenches, mini flashlight, pocket knife, pen, and other accessories. There are three ways to use the pouch: 1. Using the zipper stopper creates a low profile utility pouch. 2. Use the paracords to create a 90 degree angle and make a work station. 3. Use it as a stand-alone tool pouch and it opens flat for accessibility 
Specifications - Fully opens with paracords to adjust.
- One internal sleeve, one zipper pocket, and multiple elastic holders
- Foldible Removable 7H" x 12W" vinyl sleeve
- 3"H x 10"W ID/Patches panel
- Removable back straps
- Two D-ring on the back 
- Import
Size 7.5"H x 10"W x 1.5"D
Color Black, Tan
Notifications NTOA Approved


***Pictured supplies are show for referenace, no supplies are included with the bag and must be purchased seperatly***

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T&T Pouch

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