Styptic Pencil
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Clubman Pinaud Styptic Pencil  How-to-Use: Moisten tip of pencil with water. Dab on affected areas. Rinse and dry pencil after each use.


This is the kind of thing that mystified me as a kid when I saw it in my Grandpas shaving kit. Now you find  it only in dusty pharmacies and barber shops. I like the stick, it is an old fashioned remedy that has been around for years. If you knick your face shaving, you simply wet the tip of the styptic stick and dab it lightly on the cut. It then disinfects while stopping the bleeding. It leaves a white film the size of a pea that you can wipe off in 10 minutes. It does not sting (much). Comes in a plastic tube to keep it safe in your shaving kit or medicine cabinet. Use the tube to store it as it can easily break.

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Styptic Pencil

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