Sport First Aid Kit
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This kit has the person who enjoys outdoor sports in mind. Do you ever worry about twisting your ankle or taking a spill off your Mountain Bike? Then you should have this kit on hand.

  • The SAM splint is a proven yet simple way to treat sprains and fractures.
  • (2) 3” non-latex elastic bandages for use with the SAM Splint. These are great to wrap blown or twisted knee and ankles. Also great for treating a pulled muscle..
  • A WoundStop pressure bandage for any serious cuts or punctures
  • The Adventure Medical kits “Pocket Medic” is an all-purpose first aid kit to deal with cuts, scrapes, blisters etc.
  • Emergency Blanket to treat shock, hypothermia or just something to keep the weather off you when Mother Nature throws you a surprise.
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Sport First Aid Kit

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