Mojo 446 Medics Pack
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Mojo™ 446

Multi-Mission Aid Bag

The Mojo 446 Multi-Mission Aid Bag is two medic bags in one. A main bag with 2,645 cu in of interior space designed and stocked to carry component resupply or to provide sustainment of multiple casualties for extended periods. The kit also includes a zip-off, low profile assault bag with 595 cu in of interior space that is configured and stocked for trauma and immediate tactical care. Assault, tactical or sustained care, together these two bags provide the medic multiple options for every possible mission.

Technical Specifications
  • Unit Weight (stocked): 25 lbs
  • Unit Dimensions: 20"L x 14"W x 10.5" D



***Pictured supplies are shown for reference, no supplies are included with the bag and must be purchased separately***

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Mojo 446 Medics Pack

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