Hypothermia Prevention and Management Kit
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NSN#: 6515-01-532-8056

The patented Hypothermia Prevention & Management Kit™ (HPMK®) with reinforced Heat Reflective Shell (HRS™) is strong, flexible, lightweight & impervious to wind & rain. Utilizing NASA pioneered science the HPMK® is specifically designed to prevent hypothermia during Tactical Casualty Evacuation (TACEVAC). The HRS™ is constructed of a 4-ply, composite fabric with a protected non-conductive reflective layer that provides excellent thermal insulation. Rapid 360° access to the casualty with minimal exposure is achieved through the use of 1.5 in. continuous hook & loop closures. The HRS™ has a built in hood, fluid absorption pad & is tapered from top to bottom to maximize isothermal capabilities.

The kit also contains a self- heating, four-cell shell liner designed to sustain continuous dry heat. The kit is vacuum-packaged in a rugged, pliable pouch featuring NAR’s Red Tip Technology™ with tabs that allow easy access and rapid deployment.

Special Features:

  1. Reinforced Heat Reflective Shell (HRS™) weight tested to support 180 lb.
  2. Self-heating liner provides temperature to 106º F & sustains 6 hours of continuous dry heat
  3. Rapid 360° access to the casualty with minimal exposure via 1.5 in. continuous hook-and-loop closures
  4. Vacuum-packaged in a durable pouch for a protective, low-cube footprint
  5. U.S. Patent 7,766,950 B2


  1. 1 x Heat Reflective Shell (HRS™) with built-in hood
  2. 1 x Self-heating shell liner
  3. 1 x Plastic vacuum bag


  1. Packaged: H 6.75 in. x W 10.5 in. x D 5.5 in.
  2. Weight: 3 lb 8 oz
  3. Heat Reflective Shell (Open): L 78 in. x W 43 in.
  • Item #: NAR-HPMK
  • Condition: New

Hypothermia Prevention and Management Kit

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