Compact Officer Response Emergency (CORE) Kit
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Address moderate and severe traumatic bleeding with the premium life-saving equipment provided in the Compact Officer Response Emergency (CORE) Kit from North American Rescue. The CORE Kit contains the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care’s (CoTCCC) #1 recommended prehospital tourniquet – the patented Combat Application Tourniquet® (C-A-T®), the #1 CoTCCC recommended Hemostatic Dressing – Combat Gauze® and a 4” Flat Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD).

Stop extremity hemorrhage with the C-A-T® – 10 years and counting as the #1 fastest, safest and most effective prehospital tourniquet in the world. Rapidly address bleeding injuries by accelerating the body’s natural clotting cascade with the #1 CoTCCC recommended hemostatic dressing, Combat Gauze®. Provide constant and effective pressure utilizing the 4” Flat ETD bandage.

Designed to go where you go, this compact medical kit will fit in a BDU pocket, vest pouch or Go-Bag and provides personnel with essential life-saving bleeding control equipment that can be kept on their person. The CORE Kit is packaged in a compact, rugged, clear vacuum-sealed bag with easy-to-open tear notches. Be equipped with the most effective components at the best value available on the market.

Special Features:

  1. Compact design with the essential life-saving equipment needed to address moderate and severe traumatic bleeding
  2. Contains the #1 CoTCCC Recommended Prehospital Tourniquet, the #1 CoTCCC Recommended Hemostatic Gauze and an easy-to-use Emergency Trauma Dressing
  3. The Best Tourniquet paired with the Best Hemostatic Gauze and an effective pressure bandage at the Best Price
  4. Meets the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) Guidelines for hemorrhage control
  5. Small, compact kit designed to fit in a BDU pocket, vest pouch or individual Go-Bag
  6. The CORE Kit has up to a 5-year expiry on its sterile components

Kit Contents:

  1. 1x C-A-T Tourniquet, Black
  2. 1x Combat Gauze LE Hemostatic Dressing
  3. 1x 4" Flat ETD (Emergency Trauma Dressing)

Weights and Dimensions:

  1. Dimensions: H 7 in. x W 3.5 in. x D 2.25 in.
  2. Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Item #: CORE-Kit
  • Condition: New

Compact Officer Response Emergency (CORE) Kit

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