Chest Decompression Needle (14 & 10 gauge x 3.25 in.)- expired
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 **Unopened, but expired**

This patented ARS® Needle Decompression Kits are designed to provide the appropriate length needle/catheter to penetrate the pleural space in 99% of patients. With its built-in failsafe characteristics, the ARS® improves the probability of success when treating casualties who present with signs and symptoms of a tension pneumothorax.


Special Features:

  1. Strong, reliable needle/catheter: 14 gauge x 3.25 in.
  2. Rugged needle/catheter protective tube
  3. Brown color-coded sterilization band and the catheter hub
  4. Easy ID textured twist top with handy clip
  5. Easy-open container for quick access
  6. Capless flash chamber for immediate confirmation of needle placement
  7. Convenient, compact size
  8. U.S. Patents D595,847 and 001002372-0001, Patent(s) Pending


  1. Packaged: L 5.5 in. x W 0.7 in. x 0.8 in.
  2. Needle Size: 14 gauge x 3.25 in.
  3. Weight: 0.5 oz

Due to damaged packaging and/or manufacturer’s recommended use by dates these items are not recommended for use on humans except in cases of extreme emergency. They should only be used for training/education purposes or as props/displays. Any improper use is the sole liability of the user.

NOTE: Purchase of this medical device requires that users have the supervision of a medical practitioner. Devices requiring such supervision may be labeled "Caution" or "RX only". Ensuring this supervision is your responsibility.

  • Item #: NAR-14g-Cath-exp
  • Condition: New
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Chest Decompression Needle (14 & 10 gauge x 3.25 in.)- expired

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