Aruc Systems SLICK (Soft Litter Individual Carry Kit)
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Size: 32" wide x 72" long
Color: Brown
SLICKThis soft stretcher is designed to rapidly transport a casualty in a
hostile environment. The soft transport litter is simple to use and extremely durable. Light and compact, the soft stretcher is
constructed of material that is impervious to fluids, making it
easy to clean.

The soft stretcher is:

-Designed to be effectively used by a minimum number of soldiers.
-Ready to use and does not require assembly when under fire.
-Durable and allows the casualty to be carried or rapidly dragged.
-Flexible and is easy to use in confined areas such as buildings.
-Not hard or rigid and does not create pressure points.
-Able to remain under the casualty and will not interfere with X-ray, CT Scan, or MRI studies.
-Able to wrapped around or placed on a casualty to provide some environmental protection.


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Aruc Systems SLICK (Soft Litter Individual Carry Kit)

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