ATF Interested in Morale Patch
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No, please keep talking... Funny 3" Dia. Patch about un-funny people...



Due to a past dispute with the Government, we have had need to ask our lawyers what to do if someone is contacted by the BATF. The following is the advice one of the law firms we have retained gave us and has been approved by the other...

You are not required to talk to a Federal Agent unless you have been subpoenaed to do so. Talking to a Federal Agent is you’re decision and if you do, here are some options you have:

“No Comment.” You politely tell them you are declining to speak with them about the matter.

“Call my Lawyer.” You politely decline to speak to them unless your Attorney is present or you would rather have them direct any inquires to you through your attorney.

“Sure, what would you like to know?” You decide to speak with them and to answer their questions.

  • DO NOT LIE TO THEM! It is a crime to knowingly give false statements to a Federal Agent. While they are not required to be honest with you, you need to be with them. You can end a voluntary interview at any time if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Make note of the Agent (or Agents) names and contact info (they should have business cards). Make notes of what they ask you and also what your response to their questions where.
  • Record the conversation. Inform the Agent that you will be recording the conversation (they will not like this).
  • If they schedule a face to face meeting, have a witness present. If things end up in court; you having a 3rd party to testify on what was actually said could be helpful.


Specialists on Firearms Law and ATF Issues:

  • Our Firearms Legal Counsel is Mark Barnes ( his phone number is: (202) 626-0089
  • Other ATF Specialist: Jason Wong ( his phone number is: (253) 272-4700
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ATF Interested in Morale Patch

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