E- V.O.K. - Ventilated Operator Kit, Enhanced
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We have taken Tactical Response Gear’s proven VOK (Ventilated Operators Kit) and paired it with a tear-away IFAK pouch, battle field proven Celox hemostatic granules (15g), the HALO Chest Seal and a pair of Trauma Shears.


Each V.O.K. includes:

(1) Cinch Tight Compression "H" Bandage
(1) TK-4 Tourni-Kwik (3” wide 40" long Rugged Combat Tourniquet)
(1) Primed Gauze (crinkle cotton)
(1) Nasopharyngeal Airway (30FR Robertazzi Style)
(1) 14ga x 3 ¼ Catheter (sterile)
(1) Alcohol Prep Pad
(2) Safety Pins (2”) multipurpose 
(1) Duct Tape (2”x100” roll)
(1) Set Nitrile N-Dex Gloves
(1) Three gram tube of Surgilube

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E- V.O.K. - Ventilated Operator Kit, Enhanced

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